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Training Philosophy

Priceless Incite values the knowledge and experience of each participant and works to create an environment that is respectful of all identities. We recognize that to fulfill our mission, we must address the roots causes of violence in a way that recognizes the dignity and humanity of the communities we engage.  We acknowledge dignity and humanity by creating safe nonjudgmental spaces that allow deep healing to occur. 


Priceless Incite compensates graduates of the Diamonds are Forever Priceless Curriculum to facilitate the curriculum to their peers. 

service delivery

Youth enrolled in programming receive ongoing support in the areas of crisis intervention, resources & referrals, education and advocacy. Contact us today for more information.

Diamonds are Forever PRiceless

Diamonds are Forever Priceless addresses the inherited and lived experiences of Black girls and gender expansive youth, provides a platform for information sharing and processing around these very critical realities. The curriculum can be customized.  Contact us today for more information.

Technical Assistance

Priceless Incite offers a wide range of training and technical assistance services
on teen dating violence, human trafficking, domestic violence and sexual assault
prevention and intervention to first responders, advocates, clinicians and other
professionals. We provide training services to systems based entities, youth
serving organizations, public and private schools, legislators, social service
providers, healthcare professionals and victim advocates.

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