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Diamonds Are Forever Priceless


Diamonds are Forever Priceless is a gender based empowerment curriculum that provides a platform to engage the inherited and lived experiences of African American women, girls, and gender expansive youth. It provides a platform for information sharing and healing around these very critical realities. Diamonds are Forever Priceless has been facilitated in schools, secure detention facilities, community based organizations and more. 

Diamonds Are Forever Priceless Leadership Track


After completion of the 16-week Diamonds Are Forever Priceless curriculum, participants are given the opportunity to demonstrate advance through the leadership track to an internship and to become a peer leader/facilitator. We create space for youth to facilitate workshops, often in the classroom settings, but also at local/state/national conferences and spaces (to which some are paid opportunities to present their work). Participants are encouraged to critique the topics relevant to their lived experiences and share their expertise on topics not included in the curriculum as well as creating and facilitating sessions for their peers. With each cohort, we seek input into the curriculum and overall services, therefore making sure we are both relevant and reflective of Black girls and gender-expansive youth. Participants are also given opportunities within the organization to perform select clerical, administrative and research duties to increase their leadership capacity. 

Diamonds & Pearls Support Group

Diamonds & Pearls Support Group is an ongoing, weekly support group for girls and non-binary feminine-centered youth ages 10-13 years. old to build resiliency, self-esteem, and knowledge of healthy behaviors. This is an open forum group based on the Diamonds are Forever Priceless curriculum and the needs of group participants. This group centers the experiences of our participants and offers assistance in transforming adverse experiences building self esteem, resiliency and knowledge of health behaviors. Group activities include journaling, healing arts, and creativity with a focus on gender-based violence prevention. 
Youth Activator Program


Formerly known as our Youth Leadership/Ambassador Program (14-18 year olds all genders) - Our goal is to provide youth leaders with the tools and support they need to act against gender based violence while developing personal leadership skills that will increase social responsibility and create change within their community. Youth engaged in our program will have a safe space to process, develop and practice the skills needed to take their influence as youth leaders to the next level. 

Valuable Insight Project (V.I.P.)

The Valuable Insight Project is a gender inclusive space where youth and young adults (14-24 years old) participate in culturally specific, age appropriate, liberation centered activities and dialogue. Our goal is to identify patriarchal violencein all its forms, while building on youth & young adult resilience to create a mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally healthy future.

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Crisis Intervention


Immediate response and support to a Black woman, girl or gender expansive young person who has been harmed or is in danger of being harmed.  This includes but is not limited to interventions with immediate family, school environments, interpersonal relationships and through community partnerships conflict resolution.



Priceless Incite defines an advocate as a person who acts on behalf of and in support of a person who has been harmed to ensure their interests are represented, they are treated with dignity and their rights are upheld.  Advocacy services includes but is not limited to a Priceless Incite staff/volunteer accompanying a survivor to a interview with law enforcement, a sexual assault nurse exam and/or any other appointment where support is needed.

Resources & Referrals


Priceless Incite provides resource and referral services to Black women, girls and gender expansive youth who are seeking support in the areas of health care, education, child care, housing and other resources that increases their safety and well being.

Outreach & Awareness


Priceless Incite is available to table resource fairs, educational & social events. Contact us to determine our availability.  

Community Based Education


Priceless Incite provides education in the form of workshops, keynotes, webinars, podcast interviews, etc. on content specific topics related to culturally specific violence prevention and intervention. These topics include but are not limited to:

  • Domestic Violence (Basic, Intermediate & Advanced)

  • Human Trafficking Awareness

  • Teen Dating Violence (Basic, Intermediate & Advanced)

  • Stalking 101

  • Sexual Violence (Basic, Intermediate & Advanced)

  • Co-Dependency

  • The Cycle of Shame, Guilt & Blame

  • Trauma 101

  • Healing Centered Leadership Development 

  • Creating Healing Environments for Children & Youth

  • Youth Engagement

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